Mold Remediation & Removal

We Are Trained Mold Inspectors and Mold Remediation & Clean-up Specialists. We have received certifications from 4- different associations to perform mold testing and evaluations, mold remediation and consulting. We have been providing these services since 2001. We also provide on-going house and business treatments that are safe for the occupants to kill mold, bacteria and the H1N1 virus. Mold growth can occur within 3 days from water damage or intrusion! Left untreated, it can pose a serious threat to your health and that of your family and can damage the value of your home. Let RC Certified Inspections help you by eliminating mold from your property. Our mold remediation services are designed to identify problem areas in your home, treat mold-affected areas and implement measures to prevent mold from recurring. We use state-of-the-art equipment and trained home mold remediation specialists to provide exceptional results to every client we serve in Kansas and Missouri. And because we value our customers, we stand behind every job we do. Let mold become a thing of the past with home mold remediation services from RC Certified Inspections. To schedule an estimate or learn more, call us today at 913-764-7250 and we will make your indoor environment a healthier place to live!

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