New Home Construction Phase Inspections

Our Pre-Drywall Inspection evaluates the condition of your home’s major systems like Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Structural and Roof prior to concealment of these items.

We conduct Pre-Drywall Inspections just prior the the Drywall/Sheetrock installation. Typical issues include cracked and/or warped framing, damaged duct-work, Improperly installed rafter air baffles, improper notching of floor joists and inadequate fire stop material between the floors. Once the Drywall.Sheetrock has been installed, the above issues can’t be observed and could be a very expensive repair in the future. If we identify issues, we will provide specific recommendations and the next steps.

Our New Home Pre-Drywall Inspection is the 2nd of our new home phase inspections. A Foundation Inspection and a Final Walk Through Inspection are the other two phase inspections on New Homes.

Our New Home Foundation Inspection evaluates the condition of your new home’s foundation. We perform our New Home Foundation Inspection after the forms have been removed from the foundation and just prior to back filling the soil against the foundation walls. This inspection helps minimize potential long term problems that otherwise may occur if not identified early and corrected by the builder. The New Home Foundation Inspection is the 1st of our New Home Phase Inspections. The inspection review’s the sewer and drain lines prior to laying the poured concrete slab. We also inspect the footings, drain tiles/pipes and waterproofing.

The Final Walk Through Inspection includes everything from Ground to Roof Top Structural and Mechanical Inspections. This inspection would be the same as our
Home/Residential Comprehensive Inspection, but we include cosmetic issues as well.
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