Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Our Pre-Listing Inspection empowers you to confidently address issues prior to listing and helps you prepare your home for a successful HIGH value sale.

Get an approximate 20% Faster Close & 3% Higher Price!

* Total Transaction Transparency – Information is shared, which establishes TRUST.
* More Time, Less Stress, Lower costs to make repairs – Establishes value of repairs or concessions.
* Fewer Conditional Offers – Less uncertainly for Seller and Buyer.
* Eliminates Surprises – Less Negotiation, No Renegotiation.
* Differentiates Your Listing – Gives prospective Buyers more confidence

We make doing business easy for You and Realtor.

“Best On-Site Experience”
Our Certified Inspectors are the BEST in the business. We know you are not an Inspector, so We inform and educate you about the home with factual, low key approaches.

Our Pre-Listing Inspection gives you a Comprehensive understanding of the condition of the across a dozen major categories: Exterior, Roof, Structure, Water Control Systems, Insulation and Ventilation, Interior, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Appliances and Environmental possible issues.

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