Thermal Infrared Camera Inspections

Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics, Thermal Imaging for Moisture & Restoration

Missing, damaged, or inadequate insulation, building envelope air leaks, moisture intrusion, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial buildings. An infrared camera can help quickly see and find the sources of energy efficiencies, destructive water damage, and structural issues so you can make informed decisions on needed repairs that can help save energy dollars and protect your property.

Thermal Infrared Cameras make it easy to perform non-destructive inspections that isolate cold and warm air infiltration or ex-filtration so necessary repairs and improvements can be made to tighten energy efficiency. Thermal imagers can also instantly show temperature differences that verify what’s wet and what’s dry and IR inspection cameras are preferred most by building experts for fast, reliable diagnosing of a full range of building applications, from energy audits and restoration to roofing and commissioning.

Thermal Imaging for Energy Auditing & Home Inspection
Thermal imaging for air tightness and energy efficiency are important quality control measures when building or renovating a home. Heat loss can account for up to 50% of total energy consumption in a building with causes ranging from air leakage through chimneys, attics and wall vents to badly sealed doorways and failing argon gas windows to missing insulation.

Detection and Visualization of Air Infiltration and Exfiltration
Adequate air exchange is important for occupant comfort, health and safety, but most buildings have a far higher rate of air leakage than necessary. The root cause is often poor design and/or construction which allows air to leak in or out. Without thermal imaging, the source of these drafts can be extremely difficult to detect and visualize. But with thermal imager in hand, we can readily uncover the source of the heat issue, leading to helpful advice on the best improvements and repairs to stop energy loss.

Improved Energy Efficiency
Thermal imaging cameras are well-established as valuable inspection tools that help reveal missing insulation, HVAC air flow and equipment issues, radiant heating malfunctions, compromised roofing, and much more. By detecting and locating patterns and sources of heat loss that are invisible to the naked eye, thermal images provide convincing evidence in reports where improvements need to be made and how well they’ve been completed.

Thermal Imaging for Property & Facility Management
Infrared thermography is a powerful, non-invasive way to monitor and troubleshoot building envelope and structural problems as well as electrical/mechanical issues, whether it’s at an apartment, office complex, or manufacturing plant.

Stop Guessing – Start Seeing

Thermal imaging detects the infrared energy of any surface and produces a detailed image showing its temperature profile. Non-destructive and non-contact, the technology provides a safer, more cost-effective way to evaluate a building’s performance. It also has proven to be very effective and accurate tool for facility predictive maintenance (PdM) programs.

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