Water Intrusion Investigations Services

It only takes a very small opening for water to make its way from the exterior of your home to the interior. We specialize in water intrusion investigation of roofs, siding, windows, etc. We find what others don’t! Water intrusion can cause mold growth in your home and still not be visible. It can cause structural damage to your home and still not be visible. At the first sign of water stains on your ceiling, on your walls or around windows, you need to call us. We will come out and perform moisture tests and or water tests to determine where the water is entering your home. We perform non-invasive and invasive inspections when needed. We will evaluate the situation and make our recommendation on where the problem areas are and what is needed for corrections and repairs. We investigate residential and commercial properties in Kansas and Missouri. Call RC Certified Inspections at 913-764-7250.

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